Task force to make Bucks CC tackle failures in child services comes months too late

News that the Coalition is sending in a social care task force in the wake of a damning Ofsted report into Bucks CC’s Children’s Services shows the lack of faith the government has in measures taken by Council Leader Martin Tett.

Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate in Chesham and Amersham, Ben Davies, said: “I’m relieved the Tory-led coalition has finally reacted – four months after Ofsted highlighted “widespread and serious failures” in Children’s Services in our county.

“Council chiefs were informed about the dangers to Children’s Services back in January as a result of cuts that left the department under severe pressure. You’d think that with the number of high profile cases of child sexual exploitation in recent months, children’s services in every local authority would be the top priority.

“Even after Ofsted reported back in August, it took until November for the cabinet member at the council who presided over this fiasco, Angela Macpherson, to resign and a replacement to be appointed. But clearly the new senior team doesn’t have Education Secretary Nicky Morgan’s confidence.

“The buck must stop with council leader Martin Tett – decisions he has made may have put some of our county’s most vulnerable children at risk.”