3 reasons why I’ll be voting for Laetisia Carter in the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections Today

1) To make sure money is spent where it is most needed. Under our Tory Police and Crime Commissioner there has been a massive transfer of funding from Crime and Safety Partnerships in urban areas (where crime is highest) to rural areas (where it is lowest).

Some people on the left say they won’t vote in the Police Commissioner elections because they don’t agree with the role. This may make them feel good about themselves, but electing a Tory PCC has real consequences for our poorest and most marginalised communities that are most blighted by crime. Laetisia Carter will restore a more equitable distribution of funding.

2) Laetisia Carter has the right priorities. Drawing on her experience of working in the criminal justice system Laetisisa has pledged to:

– modernise policing, for example, allowing people to report crimes and track the progress of their cases digitally
– Focus on the fast growing menace of cyber crime
– Give priority to protecting vulnerable victims who often go “under the radar” tackling domestic abuse, rape and child sexual exploitation

3) Laetisia can win! When I was candidate in 2012 I met with a lot of defeatism. I was frequently told that the most I could hope for was to beat the Lib Dems to 2nd place. Not only did I get almost three times as many votes as the Lib Dem candidate, I gave the Tories a good run for their money too! Looking back, I think the Conservatives won it on turnout. Yet today, with local elections in Labour supporting Oxford, Slough, Milton Keynes and Reading and no local elections in many traditionally Tory areas I reckon there’s everything to play for.