Say no to DUP

The Conservatives are attempting to form a government with a political party who are no friend to women or LGBT people. We believe that Cheryl Gillan, our Conservative MP, must oppose the coalition between her party and the DUP, and we would urge you to write to her and let her know that you feel the same.

A template letter is provided by LGBT Labour here but there are other reasons which motivate us to oppose the coalition and you may want to amend the template to reflect them.

The DUP is a socially conservative party that has blocked legal access to abortion in Northern Ireland. Northern Irish women have to travel to England and pay for abortion, unless it risks their lives to carry a baby to term.

The extension of equal marriage to Northern Ireland has been actively blocked by the DUP even though a majority of Assembly members voted in favour of equal marriage in 2015.

Please write to Cheryl Gillan. You can send your letter to Cheryl electronically by following this link.

Let’s tell our MP that many of her constituents are deeply offended by the prospect of a coalition with a party such as the DUP.


Hefin Rhys & Denise Harkin
Local Labour LGBT Officer & Women’s Officer