A record breaking election for Chesham and Amersham Labour

I owe a big thank you to everyone who voted for me in the general election. This was a truly record-breaking election for Chesham and Amersham Labour Party. 11,374 people voted for me and Labour came second for the first time since this constituency was drawn in 1974. I feel that we are really making our Read more about A record breaking election for Chesham and Amersham Labour[…]

Where are the permits?

We’ve uprooted this article from 2012 suggesting that Chesham residents in the Townsend Ward could expect parking permits. Three years on with the Conservative parking consultation ongoing and no solution in sight we wonder if they’re ever going to implement any changes to resolve the problems for residents? Parking Could Become Easier for People in Read more about Where are the permits?[…]

Junior Doctors Strike

Today junior doctors walked out on strike for the first time in decades. Jeremy Hunt’s proposed contract is something we should all oppose. It offers many doctors a pay cut, removes the safeguards surrounding the number of hours that junior doctors work on shift and proposes rotas that could ultimately be dangerous for patients. Follow Read more about Junior Doctors Strike[…]

Are boundary changes a threat to the United Kingdom?

This article was written for the site by Andy Carter, a member of our CLP: One of the Conservatives’ manifesto policies for the current parliament is a reduction in the number of seats from the current 650 to a more modest 600. At first sight this seems a fairly innocuous proposal and one which might Read more about Are boundary changes a threat to the United Kingdom?[…]

11+ tourism

Labour’s former general election candidate in Chesham and Amersham, Ben Davies, today responded to questions from grammar school heads in the constituency. He asked specifically for them to publish figures that show just what proportion of their pupils were privately educated or privately tutored prior to passing the 11+. During the election, Davies repeatedly criticised Read more about 11+ tourism[…]