March 13, 2017

General Election

Nina Dluzewska

Labour Candidate for Chesham and Amersham

"I've been very active in local politics in the 7 years since I moved to Chesham and am very pleased to have been selected as Labour's candidate in this general election. I'm a stay at home parent, I drop off and pick my children up from school everyday and spend almost all of my time in this constituency. I grew up in Chorleywood, just 7 miles away from Chesham so I've known the area for most of my life.

In 2016 I organised the Stronger In campaign because I felt we should remain in the EU. Now I think we need to look carefully about where we go next, what our alternatives are as a country and make a decision based on fact and circumstance. People have to come first in whatever we do and they mustn't be forgotten in all the political bluster that's going to take place.

I've worked as an Admin and PA, as a waitress and in a pub kitchen. I have a Postgraduate Diploma from the London College of Fashion. I am a strong supporter of equal rights and I'd like to see paternity leave and a government that supported small businesses more effectively when parents took leave. I read a lot, run a little and like a TV drama."



Security at work

We will give people stronger employment rights and end zero hours contracts. 

A secure NHS and social care

We will integrate healthcare and social care so that it works for elderly and disabled people. We will ensure parity for mental health services. 

A national education service

From birth right through to adulthood we will implement universal childcare and support adult training so that everyone has access to fair, progressive education.

Give taxpayers more control

We will bring our public and local council services under direct control, expand public bus networks and rebuild systems that work.

An equal society

We will tackle inequality, violence and discrimination and guarantee rights for EU citizens in Britain.


During 2016 A&E waiting times at Stoke Mandeville breached the 4 hour limit for 10 months. Are you happy for the Conservatives to be in government when they are mismanaging our services so badly?

Funding formula

Earlier this year parents all over Buckinghamshire received a letter from Headteachers highlighting the unfair funding formula disadvantaging their schools. A vote for Labour is a vote against school funding cuts.

Prevent a reckless Brexit

We will put the economy first, prioritise the single market and customs union, protect workers’ rights and the environment. We will give certainty to EU nationals and a meaningful vote to parliament on the final Brexit deal.

Better, fairer, safer schools and health care